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How to order a ticket

   1. Enter your trip details.
Enter the departure station, the station of arrival, select the date. If necessary, select a time period for departure. If you wish to order "round trip" tickets – click on the appropriate box and select the return date. Click on "Buy Ticket"
   2. Choose a train and a car type that suits you best.
In the list that appears choose the most convenient train and car type by clicking the price in the corresponding box.
   3. Clarify the coach and enter passengers’ passport information.
On this page you can overview the distribution of seats in coaches of the chosen train and pick a certain car. You may also indicate your seat requirements: seat number boundaries, amount of lower and upper seats etc. In the right side of the page you need to enter passengers’ information. To add passengers use the “+” key. If you enter the name of a passenger whom you have ordered tickets earlier, you will be automatically offered to choose him from a list, this way you won’t need to enter the data all over again. For children choose a rate type and date of birth. Click “continue” afterwards.
   4. Check your order and choose a delivery option.
On the left half of the screen the information about ordered services is displayed. Please check if the information is correct. On the right you can choose a delivery option, enter the delivery address and other contact information. After entering the data click “Order”.
   5. Confirm the order to our operator.
When you are done with the order our operator will contact you by the phone as soon as possible to confirm the order and to agree on a delivery option. After this the tickets will be immediately extracted. Our Service centre works Mon-Fr 9:00-19:00.
   6. Receive the tickets.
At the chosen time our courier will deliver the tickets so you could purchase them. If you have chosen the option to pick up the tickets yourself, you will need to come to our service-center and purchase the tickets.

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