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Types of cars

There is a number of different coach types:
    * VIP-cars
    * First-class coaches with 2-berth compartments
    * 4-berth compartments (coupe)
    * 3-berth compartments
    * Econom-class cars
    * public
    * sitting coaches

Coaches with wider compartments (each car has 4 or 6 compartments). Each compartment has a wash-basin, usually a shower and WC.

The cost is given for the full compartment, where 1 or 2 people can travel. The ticket is managed for the full compartment on 1 or 2 people. In some trains these compartments might cost less than in classic 2-berth compartments.

2-berth compartments cars and 4-berth coupe.

They are the most common ones. The 4-berth compartments have two-tiers 4 sleeping-shelves and a table by the window. The 2-berth compartments are similar, except they only have lower shelves. Bed sheets are included in the transit expense.

Recently 4-berth compartment coaches and 2-berth compartment coaches are being combined – in this case some settlements are sold for 4, some – for 2. The numeration of the seats stay the same, only in 2-berth compartments only lower seats are sold (with even-numbered seats).

The numeration of seats in Russia, ex-USSR and to Finland: from 1 to 36 in a row, from 1 to 18 for 2-berth compartment coaches.

IF the coaches are supposed to go abroad – the numeration changes. At first there is a number of the compartment, then – number of the seat. For example, seats 011, 015, 012, 016 are in the first compartment: seats 011 and 012 are lower ones, 015 and 016 – upper, above 011 and 012 in accordance.

3-berth compartment cars

These coaches usually go to countries outside the former Soviet Union. Each compartment in such a car has 3 sleeping-shelves, one above another, an armchair and a wash-basin with a table inside.

Bed sheets are always included in the transit fee.

The numeration goes as this: 011, 013, 015 in the first compartment (lower, middle and upper seats), 012, 014, 016 in the second compartment etc.

These coaches may run in second-class mode (“coupe”, T3) – when all 3 seats are sold, and in first-class mode (“2-berth”, DOUBLE) – this way only the lower and the upper seats are sold. It is also possible to purchase the whole compartment with a slight discount.

Econom-class cars
54 sleeping-shelves: 36 non-side seats and 18 side-seats. Bed sheets are included in the transit, but it is usually possible to exclude them from the charge while purchasing the ticket.

Public coaches

Econom-class coaches, where 3 tickets are sold for every 2 seats. The lower shelves are meant to be used for 3 people to sit on, the upper shelves are used for their luggage, but if you arrive early, you can occupy the upper-seat. There aren’t many trains departing from Moscow with such a scheme, only a few trains from Yaroslavskii station.

The public coach in the train Moscow-Tallinn is actually a sitting coach (don’t confuse with Moscow-Riga)

Sedentary cars

Bus-type coaches – seats as chairs, located one after another, which can usually be slid back. There are usually 2 seats on each side.


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