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Returning the ticket, ticket reissuance and ticket recovery

Returning the tickets
The return of the ticket is carried out with the presentation of documents that are the proofs of identity of the passengers. When you return tickets in Russian domestic transit (transit between Russian Railways stations on RR/FPA trains and other Russian carriers) the passenger receives:
   • if returning the tickets for up to 8 hours before train departure – full ticket cost
   • if returning the ticket from 8 to 2 hours before train departure – 100% of ticket cost and 50% of compartment cost
   • if returning the ticket less than 2 hours before train departure and 12 hours after it – 100% of ticket cost
In interstate transit (station/stations of ex-USSR countries, trains of ex-USSR countries):
   • if returning the ticket for up to 24 hours before train departure – the full ticket cost
   • if returning the ticket from 24 to 6 hours before train departure - 100% of ticket cost and 50% of compartment cost
   • if returning the ticket from 6 hours before the train departure to 3 hours after it – 100% of ticket cost

Commissions and other fees, except for insurance fee, aren’t returned to the passenger. A fee is taken from the passenger for the ticket return operation. The fee for returning the ticket isn’t taxed. Additional services costs are fully returned, although they are included in the compartment cost.

When returning the tickets, which were purchased in a different country, the validity period of the ticket is aborted, the passenger gets a receipt in an established standard form, the ticket cost will be returned in the country where the ticket was purchased.

Money for unused tickets are returned to the passenger with the presentation of a document which is counted as proof of identity document. If one passenger returns not only his ticket, then he must present documents of all the passengers, whose tickets he wants to return. The document information must coincide with document information in the tickets. There is an unofficial rule at most stations - if a number of tickets were formed as one order, the payment return is possible with only one document for all passengers.

Ticket reissuance

The ticket formed in a RR (FPA) desk or their agents’ in cash may be reissued to an earlier train or to a different coach of the train. Ticket reissuance is possible only if there is less then 24 hours left before the departure of the train on which the ticket is being reformed. The route of the trip cannot be changed by reissuance (only arrival and departure stations may be срфтпув). A fee is taken for ticket reissuence. Also, if the reissued ticket is more expensive, the passenger must pay the difference. If the reissued ticket is cheaper, then the difference is returned to the passenger, but only if the ticket was purchased in Russia.

The tickets, managed on our website and formed by our operator can be reissued.

It is not firbidden to reform:
   • the transit documents to another person
   • the ticket to a later train
   • tickets ordered on the RR site and other on-line websites.
In these cases it is possible to return the ticket and buy a new one.

Lost transit documents recovery
It is possible to recover only tickets bought for transit from Russia to Russia, sold in Russia for Russian coaches. A fee is taken for the recovery operation. Recovery of lost tickets are carried out at one of these places: at the train departure station, at the station where the ticket was sold, at the destination station. You must address a station duty-officer for ticket recovery. The passenger must present the document, on which the ticket was formed (or a receipt from the police if the document was stolen with the ticket), tell the departure date (it is the main search information, right after the surname) and the transit route.
The ticket recovery process takes about 1-2 hours, so the passenger should refer in advance.  The duplicate of the ticket, given to the passenger, cannot be reissued or returned. After a duplicate is given, the main ticket cannot be returned also. The duplicate isn’t given if the main ticket was already returned by the time of recovery (for example the people who stole the ticket already returned it).


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