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Italy – Venice, Milan

Moscow – Venice

The train goes through these points:

Monfalcone, Cervignano, Latisana, Portogruaro, San Dona di Piave, Venezia

Each Monday a direct Moscow - Venice coach leaves Kievskiy station at 22:13. The train has a long stop in Budapest (5h 45min when moving from Moscow and 7h 46min when moving from Venice), at this time you can walk around the city and have lunch.

A trip back is made from Santa-Lucia station in Venice every thursday at 21:20.

The train has first class 2-berth compartments and second class 3-berth coupes. There is a restaurant on the train, even two: a very good restaurant coach on the route between Moscow-Chop (as passengers say) and a restaurant car on the route between Budapest and Venice.

You will need a multiple Schengen visa to travel on this train (because the train makes 2 entries on the Schengen visa, and a Croatia transit visa. In summer the presence of Croatia visa usually isn't necessary if you have the Schengen visa.

Moscow – Nice

The train Moscow - Nice goes through these points:

Brennero, Bolzano, Verona, Milano, Genova, Sanremo, Bordighera, Ventimiglia

Refer to "France" section for more information on this train

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