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Finland – Helsinki, Lahti, Rovaniemi

 Moscow – Helsinki

The deluxe train Moscow - Helsinki "Leo Tolstoy" dispatches form Leningradskiy Moscow station at 22:50 daily, gows through St. Petersbourg (Ladozhskiy station), Viborg, Vainikkala, Kouvola, Lahti, Tikkurila. The train has two stops in Helsinki - Pasila station and Helsinki station.

At periods of high passanger flow JSC "RR"/ JSC "FPA" organize additional Moscow - Helsinki trains, which you can find on the on-line schedule.

St. Petersbourg – Helsinki

Since the 12 of December 2010 there are high-speed trains "Allegro" going from St. Petersbourg to Helsinki and back. They departгку the Finskiy station every 4-5 hours from 6:40 to 20:25. The coaches are sitting-type first and second classes, the travel time is 3 hours 36 minutes. "Allegro" goes through Viborg, Vainikkala, Kouvola, Lahti, Tikkurila.  The train has two stops in Helsinki - Pasila station and Helsinki station.

Lappeenranta, Rovaniemi

From Vainikkala station it's very easy to get to Lappeenranta, and if you need to get to Rovaniemi it's convenient to change carriages on Kouvola or Lahti stations.

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